Explainer video can achieve fantastic results for your business. Numerous companies have seen their online conversions increase by using explainer videos to sell products and communicate their brand’s message.

Explainer Videos are also a better way to engage your audience than simple text. A good explainer video can really bring to life your product and brand in a way that words alone often can’t. They also help more people find your company by driving traffic to your website. This is because of the effect they have on your search rankings.

When used on websites, videos are a proven way of improving search rankings. A key factor in Google’s search algorithm is the time spent on web pages. For example, if I search for “dog leads that don’t break” and click on a search result, then stay on that page for a long time, it signals to Google that I have found that page to be helpful. Therefore, the pages gains authority and moves higher up the search rankings.

To achieve these benefits, the video needs to be planned and created in the right way and take into account some important aspects. We have detailed below some of the key mistakes we see brands making.


1. having an objective

Many companies get excited about the possibilities of using explainer videos in their marketing and quickly produce a video without taking the time to fully consider what they are trying to achieve. There are so many benefits from creating explainer videos for your company that you may think that just creating the video is enough.

It isn’t. Before embarking you need to decide what the objective of the video is. Some sensible objectives are:

  •  Selling a particular product and clearly explaining the benefits of that product
  • Communicating your brand so that your audience can identify with you
  • Demonstrate a complex product to clearly explain how it works


Start with a target in mind.

2. clearly explaining who you are and what you do

At the end of a good explainer video, your audience will understand what you do, how you can help them and why they should buy from you. The goal of the video doesn’t have to be to get the viewer to immediately buy your products but they should have a better understanding of why they should care about you and how you can help them.

The video should try to do something (see having an objective above). Maybe you want to get your audience to pick up the phone, fill out a form or just tell their friend about you. In all of these situations, they need to be driven to perform this action and if they don’t clearly understand who you are and what you do, they aren’t going to do anything.



Simple jargon-free language is often best.


3. branding your Explainer video correctly

You have spent a lot of time and energy coming up with a brand identity that fits your business and resonates with your audience. You have a strong tagline, great logo and a well thought out corporate tone and voice. If your explainer video doesn’t align with these aspects of your brand, your audience are going to pick up on it. It’s going to undermine the message and turn off visitors.

Your video should be your best salesperson. It delivers the perfect pitch every time, it doesn’t go off script and it presents a consistent image of your company. If you aren’t communicating your brand personality through your video, you are missing a huge opportunity.


Be sure to match your marketing to the house style and voice of your brand.

4. thinking about the context of your video

You wouldn’t walk up to somebody you’ve never met before at a networking event, present them with a contract and ask them to sign up to your service. You’re likely to scare them off and destroy the potential of future sales. Similarly, you wouldn’t include a long history of your company at the top of an order form on your ecommerce site. You would assume that if your prospect had made it that far into their buying journey, they already have enough information about your company and are comfortable buying.

The same goes with creating an explainer video. You need to give thought to where the video is going to appear and where it will integrate into your marketing channels. Is it going to be front and centre on your homepage? If so, it will function as a first point of contact for prospects and needs to introduce your company. Or is it going to be shared on social media and primarily seen by people who follow your account? They are more familiar with you and should be treated differently. Understanding at what stage of the buying journey the viewer is at will drastically improve the performance of your video.


How will your content be viewed? When? Where? Who by?

5. communicating to your audience

As you should be projecting your brand, you should also communicate in a way that your audience will respond. Think about your overall marketing strategy and the time you have taken to consider your ideal client, how they like to engage with you and how you communicate with them. Your video should tap into this.

If you have a profile of your ideal customer, think about how you would sit down and explain your product to them. Would they need a lot of visual cues, or could you explain your product to them by talking? Would they need to be engaged emotionally, or would they prefer to hear cold facts? By thinking in this way, you can ensure that your message is clearly communicated.



Get the right tone for your audience…


Explainer videos offer you a tremendous opportunity to engage with your audience and potential customers. However, if you go straight into creating a video without taking into consideration these aspects you will be missing this opportunity.

These are just some of the keys to ensuring a successful explainer video, but there are many more. Bandini Videos are experts in creating videos that convert prospects, build your brand and communicate your benefits. If you aren’t confident in producing your own explainer video successfully, and would like to discuss what we can do for you, get in touch now.


Whoever you’re trying to speak to we can help you get your message across.