Is the meteoric rise of explainer video a warning sign to internet marketers for the future of other channels? 

Explainer video is well known to be one of the best ways to market online when you have complex subjects to convey, but what about the wider marketing space that it sits within?

The ascendence of video as the internet’s number one marketing tool is evidenced by everything, from the 8 billion video views on Facebook each day to the users of Youtube who upload hundreds of hours of personalised content every 60 seconds.

The rise, as predicted by Cisco, is set to continue, with more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic coming solely from videos by 2021.

Video Killed The radio star

In the fight for top dog status video must undoubtably push other mediums out of the way.

The digital landscape is likely to shift massively as Youtube globally rolls out its long talked about Youtube Red: a paid membership service enabling users to watch YouTube ad-free, save videos offline to their mobile or other devices and play videos with their phones locked.

These features threaten not just Netflix and Amazon’s streaming video services, but also all other streaming content services such as iTunes and Spotify, as many users already use the platform to listen to music.

However, it also presents a great marketing opportunity for brands quick to seize it, as Youtube advertising space remains undervalued by many estimations. Explainer video has proved to be a cost effective format for producing high quality adverts for this space.

Content marketing

Up until a few years ago one of the key advantages of content marketing with blogs and articles was that anyone with a keyboard and a few ideas could create great content.

Fast forward to today and the film making equipment that had made content marketing with video prohibitively expensive has become standard issue with every modern smart phone.

Forrester Research has also shown video to be 50X more likely to rank on Google’s first page than a plain text blog (thanks to Google’s blended search feature).

Plus internet viewers would often rather watch a video than read a blog. No surprise when you consider that the human brain processes visual images 60,000 times fast than the written word!

Mobile Video

But not all video is created equal, with one of the fastest growth areas of video viewing coming from mobile devices.

Average screen sizes are shrinking—desktops and laptops are giving way to tablets and mobile phones—meaning that the internet’s most powerful storytelling tool is quickly becoming a video played on a mobile device.

Length is also a key factor with shorter bitesized videos having more virality than longer ones. This factor is another reason that explainer video lends itself well to marketing online.

However, the impact and reach of mobile video as a medium to promote your business requires looking deeper than just the number of views or shares it gets.

Create and Curate

An added benefit with video on social media is the opportunity to cheaply create content that has massive value for your user base by curating web content related to your brand.

Additionally the process of making great video content has never been more easy or simple and the variety of powerful platforms online to help you reach out to your customer base has markedly increased.

Chose value over volume

There are tremendous opportunities using video online. Today a video can go viral and be spread around the world in a matter of minutes, as was the case with Volvo Trucks’ The Epic Split video with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

While large viewing figures can equate to a greater reach, a marketing campaign is not judged on impressions alone.

The quality of each impression should also be of consideration, as well as their positive effect for the brand and even more importantly the return on investment.

A video that receives lots of views may actually be less effective than one that is better matched to your customer profile.

Brand building

Many customers are not looking to be sold on the first time they interact with your company online, but instead are going to be best reached by building a strong ongoing relationship.

In fact a global survey of Marketers has revealed that most used online video content marketing as a way to build their brand through story telling (source: CMA 2016).


Video content, whether a live stream or a carefully crafted explainer video, is where the attention of consumers is increasingly going.

Marketing that uses video, and particularly content tailored to the format of a mobile device such as bitesized explainer video, will be best able to capitalise on this growing area of opportunity.

Through clever use of current and developing trends and an excellent understanding of their target market, businesses can ensure they speak directly to customers in the forms of media they like best and on the platforms they most visit.