You know you definitely want an explainer video on your website, but you aren’t entirely sure what contact to fill it with? No problem, that’s where we are here to help. Find out the 5 most efficient types of explainer videos below.

The Selling Specific one:

These types of explainer videos work best to produce a high turnout of conversion rates. They work best placed on the front page of your website or landing page. They share a large amount of information about the product/service within a short time, in a captivating manner.

The ‘How To’ one:

Want to spare your viewer the frustration of reading poorly written instructions? This may be the best choice of explainer video for you. Sometimes a clear instruction with visuals can do the job perfectly. This type of video also works well for products that need more detailed explanation of their use.

explainer video 3

The Trust building one:

This video sets out to ascertain a high level of trust with the viewer. Quite often found on YouTube, these sorts of explainer videos may include live reviews. Some popular bloggers have been known to reach numbers of subscribers within the millions. With this as it may, it can be beneficial to create videos featuring these lifestyle bloggers/reviewers.

The Demo one:

Most often demonstrated with live action actors and the product itself, these explainer videos may appear similar to the shopping channels we all see on late night television.

The FAQ one:

These types will address commonly occurring questions in a manner that seeks to soothe your viewer. Explainer videos such as these often address information surrounding the finer details i.e Posting, Packaging, Returns etc.

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