You know you definitely want an explainer video on your website, but you aren’t entirely sure what content to fill it with? No problem, we are here to help. Find out 5 common types of explainer videos below.

The Selling Specific one:

This type of explainer video is intended to produce an increase in sales or conversion rates. They work best on the home page of your website or squeeze page / landing page. They focus on features and benefits as well as developing a narrative where an example customer experiences the problems that come when they don’t have to your produce or service.

The primary purpose of these videos is to make the viewer want to click ‘Buy Now’.

The ‘How To’ one:

Want to spare your viewer the frustration of reading poorly written instructions? This may be the best choice of explainer video for you.

Sometimes a clear set of instructions with visuals can be the best solution and save your support team hours of unnecessary emails or calls. This type of video also works well for complicated products that need a more detailed explanation of their use.

explainer video 3

The Trust building one:

This video sets out to develop a high level of trust with the viewer. Often found on YouTube, these sorts of explainer videos may give away some of your companies best advice to your customers for free. This can help to develop your brand as an authority in the market place as well as encourage reciprocity from your customers — once they feel indebted to you for your great advice they will be more likely to choose you over your competition when they are ready to buy.

The Informative one:

Got a message to get across or some interesting statistics you think your customers or sector needs to know about? Then this type of video will work best for you.

The informative video can be great for SEO or content marketing on topics around your niche that customers maybe searching for online.

The FAQ one:

An FAQ type video can be best created by trawling through your inbox for customer queries that you or your team get asked all the time. Even if the question is answered elsewhere on your website, if your customers keep asking then you probably need to answer it in a better way that they can easily view.

Thats where an FAQ video comes in. Explainer videos such as these often address information surrounding the finer details i.e Posting, Packaging, Returns, etc.

Here’s an idea: Why not have your FAQ made out of short 30 second videos explaining different common questions?

What next?

Want a video marketing strategy session? Try the highly recommended Bandini Videos for further advice on selecting the best explainer video for you.