Hey, that’s great! Explainer videos are a really engaging and effective way to capture your audiences attention and generate sales.

Whether you offer a service or product, a video gives you the chance to demonstrate in detail what you are all about.

In the fast-paced technological age that we live in today, an eye capturing video has been proven to generate considerably more attention.

Keeping your potential customer interested can be a continual battle, but many companies choose to add a short video on their website landing page.

The versatile nature of explainer videos means that you can also add them into a sales presentation or use the video itself as an advert via sites such as YouTube.

The benefits of having an explainer video on sites such as video or YouTube mean that you can easily analyse your view count and audience demographics.

Video metrics is just one of the latest technological trends to enhanced your sales figures. Further information on video metrics and other ways to attract more sales can be found at EverlightSEO.

First Steps:

  1. Emphasize the buying point:

    Where does your customer feel pain? Your unique selling point is the cure they need for their ailment. This is similar to writing good copy in an advertisement.

  2. Keep it simple:

    Don’t hold your viewer down for longer than necessary with lengthy complex explanations of your product.

    This will bore your prospect and reduce their interest in making a purchase.

  3. Light humoured:

    Fun videos are the most engaging but be careful not to become a joke.

    You want to induce a positive mood within your viewer, as if you are selling the positive mood they will feel once they have used your product or service.

  4. Captivate your audience:

    Visuals, voice, music, script. All of these things can turn a good video into a great one. Animations that look cheap or overstimulating will off put your viewer.

    Music that is too loud will render your prospect unable to hear important voice over details. A script that is badly written will put off potential prospects.

  5. Be proud! Video placement:

    There’s little point of going through the process of making an explainer video if nobody views it!

    Keeping your video hidden away on a back page of your website will limit its exposure and your conversion rate. Display your explainer video prominently to attract and hook in your prospects.