Animated Explainer Video Newport Wales: G-Volution came to Bandini Videos wanting a video to showcase their dual-fuel technology, which allows diesel engines to reduce their carbon footprint as well as other emissions.

G-Volution’s technology is able to do this by splitting the diesel engine’s fuel source between diesel and another cleaner, greener, cheaper fuel, such as natural gas.

Climate change Lower carbon emission Explainer VideoThis engineering solution was developed to address the causes of climate change and pollution, to which diesel engines can contribute.

Their main target market is the transport and power generation sectors.

Once completed they planned to use the finished video on their website homepage, as well as in email marketing.

They also had plans to feature the video in company presentation pitches, exhibitions, or conferences.

The Project

Once we had all of the information we required and a clear brief our copywriter got to work crafting them a professional and friendly script to present the key benefits of the new technology.

Animated Explainer Video Newport Wales
Key points we wanted to get across were the product’s ability to not only reduce carbon emissions, but also operating costs, which can effect a company’s bottom line.

The final section of the script needed to contain both the company slogan “G-Volution: Evolving towards a zero carbon economy” and a clear call to action to encourage the viewer to reach out to G-Volution directly or investigate further on their website.

We think the end outcome was a great success. Have a look at the script and video (above and below) to see for yourself. 🙂

Animated Explainer Video Newport Wales: The Script

The transport and power generation sectors using diesel engines are under increasing pressure to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

At G-Volution we are helping businesses in these sectors to protect the environment and deliver their bottom line with practical, sustainable, cost effective lower emission solutions.

G-Volution’s patented dual fuel engine technology allows existing and new diesel engines to run simultaneously on diesel and a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative fuel such as natural gas—with impressive results, reducing emissions by up to 60% and fuel costs by up to 40%.

With a payback period of 3-5 years it’s cost-effective and can be retrofitted to existing assets today.

G-Volution is enabling diesel engines—and the businesses that operate them—to adopt cheaper, cleaner and renewable fuels today whilst building a low carbon refuelling infrastructure for tomorrow.

G-Volution: Evolving towards a zero carbon economy.

Learn more at www.g-volution.com.

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